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CTO & Co-founder Nima Asgharbeygi Spoke at Samsung Next's Event "Delivering on Generative AI’s Promise"

Jan 25, 2023

Integral AI proudly announces that Nima Asgharbeygi, CTO & Co-founder of Integral AI, spoke at Samsung Next's event, "Delivering on Generative AI's Promise," hosted at MIT's The Engine on January 26 from 4-7 p.m.

The event centered around discussing how collective efforts could deliver on AI’s Promise and build applications and solutions to propel industries forward. Asgharbeygi contributed to a panel discussion focusing on the Hardtech Challenge: "How Do We Train and Customize AI Solutions to Exceed the Demands of Heavy Applications?"

The panel delved into the potential of generative AI, emphasizing its capacity to revolutionize hardtech. It addressed how mainstream generative AI has permeated consumer applications in text, images, videos, software code, music, voice, 3D models, and more. However, the true promise of generative AI lies in its potential to transform the trajectory of hardtech.

Asgharbeygi and industry leaders shared insights on generative AI’s potential to build smarter solutions for the future of robotics, autonomous driving, and quantum computing, exploring how tailored AI solutions can exceed the demands of heavy applications.

For further details and registration, the event page was available at

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