integrated AI for the
human-robotics age.

our mission

Accelerate human-centered AI for robotics.
Human Centered
We build AI & robotics solutions that are thoughtfully integrated with human life, steered by our intentions, mirroring our habits, and delivering real value to businesses and communities.
Common Sense
We research & develop ML technologies, such as self-supervised learning & learning from play, that build dynamical models of the world and how various tasks are done by people.
Natural Interface
Whether it's through visual demonstrations or natural language commands, our multimodal interface empowers people to express their intentions. Our AI becomes a tool to amplify human creativity.
human-centered robotics



Integral story
Integral vision: magic wand
Integral technology
Our founders have been developing AI for over 15 years, as leaders in research and engineering at Google AI, Amazon, and Stanford. At Integral AI, we begin to scale our unique approach to building general intelligence. We are excited to write the next chapter of AI together!
Integrated intelligence focuses on automating habits, so that humans can pursue the creative process of exploring and defining those habits. Our long-term mission is to empower everyone to manifest what they imagine; a true magic wand.
We are unlocking challenging problems in unsupervised learning, giving us the ability to learn general & useful concepts. Our Common Sense AI enables learning a variety of complex tasks from very few examples. Using our approach, user intent, style, and task objectives are inferred from context. 

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we are hiring!

Join us to work with a world-class team of AI researchers, robotics engineers, and all-around hackers and build the future of robotics and AI.

With offices in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, we offer industry-leading benefits, growth opportunities, exciting challenges, and a rewarding environment for you to thrive.

product demo

We are excited to help your business through our AI platform, robust pre-configured skills, and custom AI & robotics solutions. We offer safe and reliable automation technologies that effectively adapt to your business needs, lowering costs and saving you time. We are also looking for beta users for piloting our Common Sense AI as-a-service.
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